Namaste Plaza is the Largest Indian Grocery chain in California,serves the best quality of Indian groceries and one stop solution for all your shopping needs. We have brought mainstream shopping culture to ethnic and specialty markets with the introduction of many firsts. Our stores are spacious with wider aisles to make it a great family shopping experience.

Our 6,700-square-foot Irvine store will have more than 3,000 Indian products including vegetables, chutneys, rice, turmeric and curry powders,everything that a shopper would find in a large supermarket and even more. Namaste plaza Irvine store will also have a deli offering scratch-made Indian cakes,eggless cakes, cookies and savory pastries such as samosas and specialty confections flown in from India weekly.

There is nothing like it when all your grocery needs are met within your neighbourhood store,spacious with wider aisles and that too with out having to drive far, many miles away from your home to make it a great family shopping experience You will still find all those products which your mom and grand-mom made use of, to make a yummy meal for you!

Namaste plaza is a concoction of Indian values entailed in the nutritious ingredients that go in to our cooking We at Namaste Plaza believe that food is the quint-essential aspect of Indian culture. Indian food embraces the goodness of values and tradition that has been carried on for several years. We at Namaste Plaza intend to take it further! .

We are known for our detailed customer service. We do not let even a single customer leave our store disappointed. We have revolutionized the shopping experience of Indian grocery shopping abroad. All our products are carefully picked and no expired or substandard items are found. Our focus is on healthy and natural products with utmost quality. We also have a flexible return policy.

One of our primary beliefs is to empower the society while we achieve our goals. We sponsor events that are focused on imparting free education and many others like this who are making productive contribution to the society.